Jed Eye produces high quality diffraction glasses  that   offer a color  burst  experience  designed for music and  event  scene.

Jed Eye’s prism lenses bend the light and reveal the light spectrum in various shapes. Jed Eye’s light refracting glasses offer a unique visual experience, which make them the perfect accessory for festivals, night clubs, laser shows or fireworks. By customizing the frame and even the lenses, Jed Eye is able to produce glasses adapted to your style, your brand or your event.

                           Photography by Cyril Manzini

Innovation in communication must include a strong customer experience and be a natural extension of the company’s values and services. Jed Eye’s product is there to meet its audience at the crossroads of these objectives.
— Nicolas, CEO of We are Addict
A innovative way to communicate effectively and have fun in the process!
— Nicolas, treasurer of Sail for Water
Mind-blowingly chic. A-must fashion accessory with a surprise visual experience.
— Marie, event manager at Kube Hotel Paris



Jed Eye is a concept created by two friends sharing the same name (Cyril) and the same desire to improve the experience of a musical event - being a small gig or a huge festival.

The first Cyril is a DJ, he organizes and installs sound systems and lights shows on private events (weddings, birthdays parties...) since 2006. For him, each event has a particular style, its success will depend greatly on the ability of the DJ to adapt to the wishes of the organizers and expectations of event goers. Jed Eye offers customizable glasses: our ambition is to build the perfect pair of glasses for you,  your event or your brand.

The other Cyril is a professional photographer and filmmaker. He is passionate about cinema and the imaginary creation. His sharpened eye allows him to reveal the beauty and elicits the emotion he seeks to immortalize. Thanks to his rich experience in the field of advertising, he understands the need of your brand's growth and event's success by infusing our very own innovative communication ideas.

At the frontier of fashion, design and electronics, Jed Eye aims to revolutionize the visual experience of an event with its unique, playful and spectacular glasses! 

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail
— Leonardo da Vinci